Scientific campaigns

The World Explorer Foundation, through its World Explorer catamaran, aims to offer scientists trips on board in the most inaccessible places on the planet to go to the bedside of the earth and the oceans.

The first type of scientific campaign aims to sample seawater at different depths to assess the CO2 saturation of the oceans and participate in the development of a map being drawn up in California.

The second type of scientific campaign aims at trawling a plastic trap in order to assess the pollution in macros plastics and microplastics. every year 2,500 dolphins and 7,000 turtles die from this pollution.

The third type of scientific campaign aims at ice cores to understand the evolution of climates by concentrations and CO2, fine particles, pH of strata …

The fourth type of campaign is very broad: veterinary hospital, cleaning of birds oiled by an oil spill, bear counting by drone, video platform …

In addition, continuously, the boat can make observations of solar radiation (UV and infrared digging the hole in the ozone layer), observations of air and sea temperatures, and digital weather histograms ( wind force, orientation, atmospheric pressure, hygrometry, frontage speed, etc.)

Finally, thanks to sonar, it can map fjords or coves before a scientific freighter arrives.

In France, these campaigns are particularly aimed at researchers from CNRS, IFREMER and academics.

World Explorer has a cabin that can turn into an office. Many flat surfaces can accommodate microscopes and other equipment. Electricity 220v, 12V and usb without limit, winch of probe 60m / second 50kg.

Do you have a thesis project? need a base camp in a remote and inaccessible area? World Explorer was built for you! You only pay for your food. Charter, stay, water, electricity free. contact us.

stays on board outside scientific campaigns

Outside of scientific campaigns or during convoys, the two guest hull cabins are available for hire. Or 4 people max for ocean crossings and a possible 5th person for coastal cruises.

Like any association the World Explorer Foundation has no profit-making purpose, nevertheless it welcomes paying « team members » to help fund scientific companions.

For any info, quotes, please use the contact page.

All the prices below are without the on-board cash register but skipper included. The use of bicycles, kayaks, paddles, drone, electric scooter, washing machine, dryer, generator, watermaker is at an additional cost.

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